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Bulgaria grants its citizenship to foreign investors. There are a lot of options for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship via investment but also a lot of additional condition for applicants to meet. This can challenge investors and create certain obstructions on their way to getting a Bulgarian passport. EIG explored the residency routes in detail and can help its customers to walk it till the end.


The program has two steps to execute. First, the investor shall apply for Permanent Residence Permit, which is the most complicated procedure in the whole scheme. Second, the resident shall apply for citizenship after one or five years. EIG provides the following residency assistance in Bulgaria:

  • Assistance in standard naturalization procedure. It includes the clarification of the options available for the investor, assistance in the execution of the selected option, collecting all the documents, and submitting the application for getting a Permanent Residence Permit.

  • Assistance in accelerated naturalization procedure. It includes, evaluation of the CBI options and assistance in its execution. Also, EIG helps to prepare all the documents required and complete the application both for Permanent Residence Permit and Bulgarian citizenship.

Getting citizenship by investment in Bulgaria

Get in touch with our advisor to know more about the current CBI program in Bulgaria and facilitate your route to Bulgarian residency and citizenship.

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