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Congo, officially known as the Republic of the Congo, has one of the youngest but quickly scaling up start-up ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa. At EIG, we recommend paying close attention to companies that proceed follow-on rounds as they provide the most robust investment opportunities. We continuously monitor emerging and already-established VC projects in Congo and can provide you with a due diligence report to help you make a confident decision.


Dealing with ventures and start-ups in Congo, we apply the strong filter to weed out deals with exit scam risks. Here are a few considerations we apply when shortlisting start-up projects:

  • Affiliation with the mainstream industries (for example, Fintech, RetailTech, or Online Gaming) provides a robust ground for further project growth as well as opportunities for global connectivity.

  • Without a valuable idea or close founder involvement in the project, its future becomes miserable and investments too risky to undertake.

  • Technological background should have ongoing support from the relevant community. Otherwise, it will be tight in its development and its value will soon face a drastic drop.

Investments in Republic of Congo

Such a strong-filter strategy enables us to successfully balance risks and coordinate investment, helping our customers to reach their targets. Get connected with us if you need help with building and diversifying your investment portfolio or managing your VC funds in Congo.

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