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Cyprus is known for its EU membership, robust economy, and ideal Mediterranean location. Moreover, it is one of the European countries that offer their citizenship by investment (CBI) programs to those who desire to expatriate or just to enjoy easy moving within the Schengen zone. Though the residence process seems to be straightforward, there are some intricacies here as well. EIG will provide dedicated residency assistance and guide you through these intricacies to your Cyprus residence and citizenship.


Being an expert in the Cyprus CBI scheme, we established the shortest route to the status of the Cypriot resident first and the Cypriot citizen next. Turning to us, you will get help with:

  • Collecting all the documents required

  • Beneficial compliance with the eligibility criteria

  • Completing and submitting your residence application

  • Support till the residence status will be granted to you and your family

Also, we will advise you on your further citizenship opportunities and help you exploit them at your best. Get in touch with our advisors to know more about your CBI options and enjoy the shortest route to get your Cypriot Permanent Residence and even Cypriot citizenship status.

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