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Successful portfolio management requires specific domain knowledge combined with a professional fintech toolkit and backed with extensive investment experience. And this is what we offer to our clients when finding the balance between risks and profit opportunities.


At Expat Capital, we have got deep expertise in asset management and exchange-traded funds. This enables us to provide our clients with expert consultancy regarding reliable investment strategies and execute discretionary asset/investment management. Setting up your custody account with our company, rest assured you entrust your investment funds to the dedicated hands of experts with a distinguished mindset.

Primarily, our activities cover the following domains:

  • Commodities on liquid markets

  • Currency pairs and market indices

  • Securities of all types

Creating investment portfolios for our clients, we conduct macroeconomic, fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis to assess all the possible risks and opportunities for each of the assets. And then, we carefully select the instruments that promise to bring the most. No matter whether you are targeting fixed income or high-return investments, we will find a solution that hits your target at the lowest risks.

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Equities and derivatives provide wonderful opportunities for profitable investments and wealth growth.

For mitigating market risks and getting absolute ROI, the best strategy is choosing stocks of well-established and robust companies. That’s why our portfolio managers pay close attention to the entities of companies that are the components of S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, or FTSE 100 indices. In addition, it is always good to diversify an investment portfolio using a well-balanced strategy. And we do this as well.

Derivatives, and especially commodity futures, are another powerful financial instrument that we focus on. With thorough analysis multiplied by our rich expertise, we develop beneficial hedging strategies adopted to the risk-tolerance degree of our customers. These strategies invariably bring long-term returns and benefit the customers who choose us to establish their custody accounts.

Reach us if you need discretionary asset/investment management from an expert. Put our expertise on the service of your wealth.


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