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Exotic assets investment may involve fewer depreciation risks and steady ROI, though being of higher complexity. The complexity relates to the problems of getting access to the acquisition, valuation, and disposal means. Turning to Expat Investment Group, you get expert assistance in exotic assets fund management and will succeed in hitting your target.


While having great proficiency in dealing with exotic assets of any type, our key focus is two exotic alternatives:

  • Art investment

  • Sports brokerage

For art investment, we established a strong partnership with experienced art scientists and appraisers. The first ones will help you avoid art forgery. The second ones will help you assess the fair value of the targeted item. We monitor all trusted art auctions, both online and offline ones, and will provide you with easy access to any of these auctions via our representatives and partners.

For sports brokerage, we monitor sports franchise for sale, both in minor and big leagues. Our sports expert and analyst partners will provide you with an accurate sports franchise valuation to give you the ground for making a confident decision. For every sports brokerage deal we assist with, we provide dedicated legal support.

Expat Service Background Picture.jpg


At Expat Investment Group, we are highly proficient in exotic assets fund management. Our services cover the following domains:

  • Choosing the right asset. Our experts keep their fingers on various exotic assets markets. They assess the value and market resilience for each type of exotic assets. Armed with numbers, your budget limits, and other requirements, we will help you understand what type is right for your case.

  • Acquisition and disposal. Unlike ETFs, exotic assets have higher institutional barriers to acquisition and disposal as most of them are traded only at auction. Through the wide partner and independent auctions networks, we provide access to the exotic assets market.

  • Portfolio diversification. Though exotic assets market volatility is relatively low, diversification is still a beneficial strategy. Our experts will develop the strategy based on your current portfolio and other requirements.

  • Art advisory of various categories. From Russian avant-garde art to Persian Carpets, our specialists can help you to diligently construct and filter the required art pieces upon your request and deliver the highest satisfaction and return on your investment.


Get in touch with our exotic assets fund management experts. We help you to build a profitable exotic assets portfolio and diversify your investments, choosing the assets that suit your targets, requirements, and preferences best.

Expat Investment Group is about to launch exotic assets fund domiciled in the EU. Contact us if you have any questions left.