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It is easy to obtain UK residence when you come to Expat Investment. Our great experience and deep expertise will make your to-visa way hassle-free, effective, and fast.


A path to obtaining a UK visa is not the same for everyone. On the contrary, it may alter depending on the specific needs of each exact client. This is not only about options and opportunities you may have but about your own way to exploit them.

When you apply to our company, we not only provide you with ample information about visa schemes but guide you along the entire route. That’s why we will assign to you and experienced and highly informed dedicated assistant. The assistant will adjust the route to your specific needs. Moreover, they will relieve your red-tape burden by taking much of the paperwork on their shoulders.

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A path to obtaining a UK residence is not always the same. Contrariwise, it changes. Sometimes slowly but sometimes even drastically:

  • New types of UK visa may emerge, as it has been recently the case with an Innovator visa, for example

  • Other ones may become a thing of the past right, like with an Entrepreneur visa one can no longer apply for

  • Besides, visa requirements are regularly modified and altered even within the existing visa types

At Expat Investments, we keep all the changes under our radar and closely monitor the UK Border agency’s revisions and new regulations. Due to this, we will successfully lead you through each and every scheme to the desired result of getting your UK residence.

A team of professionals, both in the investment and visa domain, we will deliver you to your target in the most beneficial way. Tons of saved time, hundreds of valuable recommendations, and dozens of investment schemes. These are what our clients enjoys when dealing with us.

Contact us and start your beneficial path to UK residence right now.


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