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We deepen our knowledge to share it with our clients, providing them with valuable advice and helping them work out the best solutions in investment and visa-related issues.


Various countries offer their long-term residency or even complete settlement to foreign applicants on certain conditions. Here are some of the most sought-after immigration opportunities we deal with in addition to UK golden visas:

  • Bulgarian passport

  • Portugal Golden visa

  • UK Global talent visa

Getting a Bulgarian passport means getting citizenship and complete settlement in Bulgaria. The route is quite simple and riskless and goes through BGN 1 million investment in government bonds (that is around €511,000) for only five years.

Portugal Golden Visa grants its holders a two-year residence permit in exchange for real estate investment. The minimal amount here is even lower than that for a Bulgarian passport, only €500,000.

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At last, a UK Global talent visa is an excellent opportunity for leader (established or potential) academics and researchers to move to the UK. Also, the visa covers such personalities as talents in the field of art, culture, or digital technology.

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Deciding to exploit one of the investment visa schemes is great. However, many of our clients agree the application routine is not as straight-forward and easy as they have initially expected. One of the challenges you may encounter here is setting up your account and executing the required transaction the right way. And this is where we offer our assistance.

At Expat Solutions and Consultancy, we continuously enhance our expertise, so we are able to find a solution that benefits our clients the best. We know all the peculiarities of setting up an account required to execute investment transactions. Moreover, we have got in-depth expertise and extensive experience in completing the transactions. This enables us to help our clients walk down their investment and visa-getting road without much hassle.

Reach us if you need expert advice or assistance.

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