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Expat Ventures constantly seeks new opportunities for our clients to reach high returns on investment. As a part of this journey, Expat Ventures, is an arm of EIG is running early stage VC fund based in UK and targeting SME enterprises across African Sub Saharan Regions and Indonesia with an international origin – registered and having HQ in UK.


At the moment, our main focus is African Fintech that opens up large scale of opportunities due to the lack of established technological start-ups in finance. That allows to exponentially absorb a sufficient cash amounts, build up a client base and promote innovative products on the market. This cohesive approach is hidden value we seek in Fintech, Online Gaming and RetailTech in particular.

Our mission is to build up a portfolio of 15-20 companies that compete for investment in their follow-on rounds through our strong filter. Invest little amounts at the beginning, add further investment funds, and widen exposure within 1-year timeframe from the initial investment.

Our venture funds are oriented on innovation businesses and start-ups based and operating right in the region. Both, for in-growth and early-stage investments. Our deep market expertise enables us to sift venture projects and campaigns in order to find those that really have a future. This way we manage to find the balance between risks and opportunities, the approach that always benefits our clients.

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Expat Ventures’ strategy is contrary to most of methods used by traditional funds. Using access to a massive amount of friendly large scale AUM and established connections across business elite in targeted countries, Expat Ventures seeks to build the process of exiting and selecting companies on adding enormous value to the backed projects and founders. We strive to help build great companies that have the potential to create lasting value. We only expect to work with founders who have powerful vision and strategic, differentiated positioning on the market, each of them have desire to execute their plan and courageous enough to risk failure and bet big.

Many of our founders come from other countries than Britain and we help them to establish their grounds in UK through visa endorsement and other assistance.

Get in touch with us soon if you need funding and immigration arrangements for start-up development. Benefit from our dedicated approach and a strong commitment to your goals.


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