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 Hedge Fund Management is management of investment funds focused on maximizing returns for a given risk or minimizing risks for a given income. The main thing in managing hedge funds is to choose the right strategy.

Our company offers a risk averse global macro strategy. Success is achieved by using a period of market inefficiency to profit from price fluctuations.

This strategy is most effective in short-term market imbalances for selling or buying.

The strategy can be a long or short CFD depending on the market situation.

Of course, the strategy will work better in conditions of higher volatility, since our three stages of structured risk measures can increase the value of creating a profitable position in a certain movement trend and reduce exposure to drawdowns.

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— All operations are performed in dollars (USD)

— Target profitability is 30-40% annual return

— We use CFD for currency pairs and global indexes of G20 (+ Switzerland and Hong Kong)

— Average leverage of the portfolio – 1:10

— Maximum leverage: Major FX have to be - up to 1:30

— Major Indices should be up to 1:6

— Maximum drawdown of funds to trigger our further internal risk measures and to counterbalance trading activity consist -5%

— Maximum drawdown when we close all positions will be just -10%

— Average number of possible positions at the same time is 10

— We guarantee that Sharpe ratio by the end of the year will be 1.8-1.9

Our traders choose 24 hour trading periods for the most effective result. Therefore, our strategy will help you get maximum profit with minimal losses and risks.

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