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Expat Group provides assistance in obtaining an Investors visa UK, a dedicated service for those who seek UK residency.

Due to our vast experience, we perfectly know what hindrances and curves you may encounter during this immigration route. With us, your way to your Investor visa as the first step towards getting a British passport and citizenship becomes shorter and absolutely hassle-free.

Please, contact us if you want to speak to an advisor.


At Expat Group, we have experts with deep proficiency in an Investors visa UK scheme. We will guide and assist you during your entire route and supervise its every stage:

  • Collecting all the documents

  • Arranging a biometric residence permit

  • Opening a bank account

  • Submitting the required documents

  • Tracking your application

  • Investment consultancy after getting an Investors visa UK

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There are at least two reasons why our Investors visa UK assistance will benefit you.

If you want to be timely updated

The immigration policy of every country is not constant for centuries. On the contrary, the Government amends some of its visa requirements or totally revises the policy from time to time.

The UK is not an exception and the Investors visa UK immigration program is a good example here. For example, over the past few years, the UK Government issued at least three amendments regarding the following Investors visa UK provisions:

  • Types of qualifying investments

  • The investment fund amount and its disposal options

  • Requirements for providing the evidence of investment fund ownership

Expat Group advisors will consult you about valid eligibility criteria and effective requirements. With us, you will not be taken by surprise with changes in the Investors visa UK route right when submitting your documents.

If you want to simplify your visa application route

There may be a lot of challenges on your way to getting your Investors visa UK and, then, permanent residence in the country:

  • Getting a certified translation

  • Choosing a UK regulated bank to open an account

  • Providing a letter to testify your account

  • Providing the evidence of your right to dispose of the funds

  • Etc


Our visa experts have established a perfect route to overcome these challenges with minimum effort on your part. Turning to us, you can leave most of the routine in the hands of professionals.

Contact us for assistance in obtaining an Investor visa. Save your time, benefit with quick progression, and get your visa.


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