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Kenya is often considered to be a new emerging market. It offers a huge number of high ROI investment opportunities though the level of risks is also high here. Investors with moderate and low experience in the Kenyan venture capital market may experience some challenges when searching for the appropriate project to invest in. At Expat Investment Group, we are on the edge of emerging markets providing access to impeccable returns and diversification of your portfolio.


While constantly exploring new routes and directions, currently we focus on the most prominent start-up industries in Kenya:

  • Fintech

  • Online Gaming

  • EdTech

  • SaaS

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Due to our expensive experience, we are excellent at balancing risks and profit opportunities and delivering a high value for our clients. We established a reliable system that enables us to shortlist start-up and other VC projects and build your investment portfolio. We developed a robust investment scheme that is effective and beneficial for you.

Contact us if you need qualified investment assistance on the Venture Capital of Kenya.

Expat Service Background Picture.jpg