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Latvia offers a premium Golden visa program with no limitations on education, work, and business activities within the country, which distinguishes the program among others. The country can also allow permanent settlement and citizenship, though the routes are not straightforward and highly conditional. EIG provides full assistance in obtaining a Latvian residence permit and consultancy on further settlement options.


The scheme has many investment options, each with different enter thresholds, eligibility criteria, and other requirements. The options include real estate, business, and security investment as well as a bank deposit. EIG expert assistance may include:

  • In case of real estate investment scheme, we provide a full picture of property purchase options in different Latvian cities and assistance in choosing the right one for each exact case

  • In case of business investment, we clarify risks and opportunities involved in the deal and can provide project assessment supervision

  • In case of security investment and bank deposit, we can help open an investment or bank account and supervise investment or subordinated deposit deal

  • In all cases, we explain all requirements the applicant must meet to be eligible for the visa, provide dedicated assistance in collecting the documents and completing the application

Investment options in Latvia

For customers who aim to settle in Latvia and make it their home (dual citizenship is not allowed in Latvia), we can arrange Latvian language courses and other formalities. Contact us to explore the residence by investment program and obtain the Latvia visa with further naturalization prospects if desired.

Expat Service Background Picture.jpg