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Malta has a lot to offer to its citizens. One of the strongest economies and one of the best healthcare and education systems in the world. World financial centre. Visa-free travelling to almost any country. Luxury lifestyle and magnificent beaches on the Mediterranean Sea shores. EIG helps its clients to naturalize in Malta by investment, so they can take full advantage of all the aforementioned.


As Maltese citizenship experts, we provide full assistance in obtaining the resident status in Malta. Here are some examples of where we can be helpful:

  • Getting investment and donation assistance, starting from choosing a local business to invest in and an organization to donate and ending with appropriate investment and donation execution

  • Getting assistance in meeting an eligibility criterion that concern real estate clause, starting from choosing between the buy or rent options and ending with assistance in property deal supervision

  • Getting paper assistance starting from preparing all the documents to apply for the certificate of naturalization and ending with tracking the application status

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Also, we can organise English language courses, so the client gets the required proficiency in the language and meets the relevant eligibility criterion as well. Contact our advisor to get an explicit consultation on your options for getting a Maltese passport or start your naturalisation.

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