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Morocco has huge prospects of venture capital market growth and development. At the moment, the country already has an established VC ecosystem and a large number of start-ups that benefit investors with stable returns. EIG successfully manages funds invested in Moroccan tech ventures.


The country’s emerging startups are highly differentiated by the industry, degree of its idea and business maturity, founder involvement, etc. At EIG, we carefully select start-up projects to include in our clients’ investment portfolio, paying close attention to the following factors:

  • Does the industry of the project belong to the global mainstream?

  • Has the core project idea got a value and the founder takes his active part in raising this value?

  • Does the project exploit the technologies with a rich ecosystem behind them?

VC Fund management in Morocco

If you need expert assistance in evaluating this and other factors to make your confident decision, contact our advisor. We can help you diversify your investment portfolio or even take over your existing Moroccan venture capital assets under our management.

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