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Portugal is another European country that offers its citizenship in exchange for investment. Its Golden visa scheme is cheaper than similar schemes in many other European countries and its stay requirement for getting the status of its citizen is one of the lowest around the world. All this makes it one of the most attractive migration destinations. EIG provides expert assistance to clients who target Portuguese residence permit and citizenship.


Numerous routes and recent changes in the Golden Visa rules make getting the visa a bit comprehensive. At EIG, we provide a hassle-free route to the Portugal residency and help successfully overcome the intricates.

Our assistance may include:

  • Consultations on your options to help you make your confident choice between Portugal’s investment fund or real estate investment schemes

  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate venture to invest in or a real estate unit located in the visa-qualified areas to purchase and deal supervision

  • Filling out a visa application and collecting all required documents

Portugal citizenship investment options

Contact our experts if you want to get a long-term residency or citizenship in Portugal and need our consultancy or assistance.

Expat Service Background Picture.jpg