Investment opportunities we offer

Investment. What does it involve to a larger extent? Risks or opportunities?

Well, when you turn to EIG, you can rest assured, these are the opportunities that you get. To clarify, we carefully select all investment projects and offer only those that are truly prospective.

Assets we offer to invest in

At EIG, we offer a wide range of investment solutions. All of them are the fields of our deep proficiency and successful management experience. Here is a list of focus assets we offer to invest in:

  • Exchange-traded funds

  • Venture capital

  • Exotic assets

Talking about exchange-traded funds, we are talking about three main asset categories. First, it is about securities, various stocks, bonds, and derivatives. Second, it is about commodities, with a focus on liquid markets. Third, it is about currency and market indices, where we also see sufficient volatility.

Expat investment opportunities

When it comes to VC funds, Expat investment solutions cover Fintech, Online Gaming, and RetailTech industries. We deal mostly with international ventures and start-ups that are UK-headquartered. Most of them operate in Sub Saharan Africa and Indonesia, one of the most prospective markets for innovation development.

At last, offering exotic alternatives as another high ROI direction, we focus on such exotic assets as sports brokerage and art investment.

Assistance we provide

Our assistance may start with advisory services and go as far as to full management of your investment portfolio. Still, in all these cases, you can be sure you will get our strong commitment to your goals.

For example, assistance may include:

  • Regarding exchange-traded funds – conducting all kinds of analysis, advice on funds to invest in, etc.

  • For VC funds – undertaking market research, assistance in fund-raising campaigns, shortlisting ventures and start-ups, etc.

  • Regarding exotic assets –artwork appraisal, monitoring sport franchises, legal support, etc.

If you entrust us with managing your investment portfolio, you can be sure it will be well-balanced. To clarify, we always manage to establish a successful strategy of sufficient risk tolerance.

So, get in touch with us if you want to take advantage of the opportunities we offer and the assistance we provide.