More about EIG main specialisations

EIG investments company

EIG is a group of companies with clearly defined specialisation. By joining together, we established a team that provides solutions to virtually all investment and UK immigration challenges.

Expat ventures

Investment in venture capital goes in form of start-up or innovation business financing. Such investment requires not only a high level of risk tolerance. It requires deep analysis of the market and strict screening of the project prospects.

We successfully exploit opportunities venture capital provides. While helping our clients to select the right venture campaign, we focus on UK and Sub-Saharan Africa start-ups that go to their follow-on rounds.

Expat capital

Investment in exchange-traded funds is a classic. Here, the wealth generating tools include commodities, currency, and securities. Considering the later, we pay special attention to the components of well-established indices such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, or FTSE 100.

As a custodian, EIG takes over the following activities to deliver the best investment options in the UK:

  • undertake comprehensive market analysis

  • build a diversified investment portfolio

  • develop hedging strategies

Expat investments

Being closely engaged in ETF and venture capital, we offer our vast experience in exploring these enormous income-generating opportunities. We provide reliable wealth solutions, relevant to the current market conditions and enjoying great potential for future value growth.

Besides, we help our clients establish efficient immigration routes via investment. Here, our key domain includes Investor, Innovator, and Start-up UK visas.

Expat exotic assets advisory

In addition to stocks and bonds as traditional investment assets, there are exotic assets. The later are numerous investment alternatives that may include collectables, rarities, properties, or even sports teams.

At EIG, we provide exotic asset consultancy and management with art investment and sports brokerage as a key focus of our expertise.

Expat solutions & consultancy

Though the basis of most residency schemes stays the same, immigration routes vary from country to country. It may include one or more of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Property purchase

  • Investment in bonds

  • Business development

  • Leadership in specific fields

We provide expert consultancy on getting a Bulgarian passport, UK or Portugal Golden visa, and UK Global talent visa.

Contact our advisors to get dedicated assistance in any field related to investment or immigration routes.