Schengen Visa

People around the world greatly appreciate the Schengen Visa because of the opportunities it provides. To clarify, holding this visa, they can travel throughout many European countries. Freely. Without the need to apply to each state for a visa.

But do you know you can get all the privileges of the Schengen Visa via some Investor Visa schemes?

Schengen visa through investment

Despite the Schengen zone is often associated with the European Union, this is not exactly so. Indeed, it comprises mostly of the EU countries. However, some of the EU countries (such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, and Romania) are not ready to fully open their borders to the Schengen visa holders yet. At least, without the passport and immigration control. In contrast, some countries that are not included in the European Union are in the area.

So, look at the table below to find the full list of countries (26 in total) that join the area.


A lot of states grant exceptional opportunities to persons and their families who invest in their economy. One example here is the Golden Visa UK, which the British Government may issue on certain investment conditions.

In many cases, these investment schemes automatically grant you not only the privileges of residing and working within the state you invest in but of freely moving within the Schengen zone as well.

Golden passport in the UK

However, taking into account the peculiarities of EU countries’ membership in this zone, you should check the scheme to understand what options it provides.

For example, by investing over €500,000 in real estate property in Greece, Hungary, Spain, or Portugal, you get residency in the country concerned. And, as each of them is a Schengen member, you get your desired Schengen visa automatically.

In contrast, you may invest in the Cyprus economy on conditions of getting its residency, which requires only €300,000. Still, this will not allow you to visit France, Spain, Switzerland, or any other Schengen state. This is because Cyprus is not a member of the targeted area.

Nevertheless, if you purchase a villa, flat, or any other property in Cyprus for at least €2.5 million, you get Cyprus citizenship. Thus, as Cyprus is a member of the European Union, you can enjoy all the benefits EU citizenship provides. Including travelling across Europe without a visa. Well, isn’t this still great?

So, check twice to find the options you need.