Why invest in Golden Visa?

This is a question with many answers different in their nature, popularity, and patency.

At Expat Group, we have grouped them into three cohorts and presented them for your consideration.


Sure, this is the first you may think about when hearing the phrase “investment in Golden Visa”.

Indeed, the very essence of every investment is getting profit. And all the schemes provide this wonderful opportunity. For example, when investing in a start up visa, you establish and grow your business that may bring significant return on investment (ROI).

Start up visa in the UK

Also, when you buy real estate assets, you may enjoy passive income from leasing it or just sell it at higher prices afterwards and get your profit there. So, anyway, an investors visa in the UK or any other country implies your opportunity for capital gains.

Of course, your options here depend on the country you choose for your target. However, this opportunity is a general concept, which may include the following bullet points as your benefits:

While getting a residency is one of the main goals for golden visa appliers, not all of them reside in the country all year round. Some of them actually live part of the year in their origin country or any other place. Still, it is always great to have a second home and know you can come there whenever you want.

You may still be a national of your origin country and get citizenship in another to benefit from. The route to citizenship can be straight forward such as, for example, in Malta, Cyprus, Dominica, or St. Lucia. Or it can be more sophisticated and take longer time such as, for example, getting a golden passport in the UK.

UK golden passport

For straightforward routes, a certain amount of investment is the only thing you need to undertake to get citizenship. This amount can be heavy such as, for example, in Cyprus, where you need to invest over €2.2 million. Or it can be very affordable such as in Dominica, or St. Lucia, where $250,000 are enough to get passports for you and three members of your family.

The established political and economical stability of European countries in general and the UK in particular always appeals and attracts. To clarify, as an investors visa grants long-term or even permanent residency, nationals of countries with lower stability and greater uncertainties consider the targeted area as their safe haven.


Perhaps, you may not even look so far yet. However, a lot of people confirm the great importance of these in-depth reasons. So, do not get this out of perspective also.

Here, it is the stability of the country’s investment climate that draws the attention of many investors. Indeed, low inflation rates, clear and strongly established laws, genuine democracy, and other factors are of high importance. To clarify, these factors give you confidence in the future and guaranty the safety of your investment.

In many countries, domestic economic entities enjoy lower tax rates and higher tax incentives than foreign ones. Both regarding personal and corporate taxation. Therefore, if you choose a specific country as a centre of your economic interests and all the aforementioned is your case, it is rational to get a residency in that country.

Even those who now have reasons not to live in the country that has granted a golden visa full time still consider it as an eventual future for their children. However, the extent of this consideration may differ.

To clarify, you may just want your children to get access to quality education. For example, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are globally recognised. Thus, the graduation opens many doors and provides lots of opportunities for your children’s future career. Besides, UK residents may even enjoy lower education cost due to various incentives and other benefits.

At last, you may want your children to establish their roots in the country. In this case, investing in a golden visa and getting the residency is the first but highly important step towards the bright future of your children.


Last, but not least, let’s talk about something else except form stability, economical feasibility, and other rational reasons to get an investor visa. Let’s talk about the freedom for travelling and a joy of living a high life.

Residency or citizenship in European countries provides great freedom for travelling. For example, Spain or Portugal residency lays a Schengen visa zone at your feet to travel without the need to apply for a visa to these countries. Citizenship in Malta or Cyprus provides you with all the opportunities each European citizen enjoys, including visa-free migration all over Europe.

For the last few decades, the Caribbean countries have been attracting tons of investment to their economy in exchange for granting second passports to investors. One of the reasons here is a visa-free travel regime with more than 120 countries.

Many families decide to invest in Golden visa in coastal countries in order to have a breathtaking opportunity to live a few months or even the whole year near the sea. A few examples here are Dominica of the Caribbean or Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, and Greece of the Mediterranean.

But this is not only a tender sea and magnificent beaches that attract. It is the perfect infrastructure, great shopping, leisure, and cultural activities these countries and their cities provide. For example, you may enjoy your beach rest in the morning and then take a two-hour flight to, say, London, Rome, or Paris to go shopping or visit some of its attractions.

To sum up, there are many benefits you can get with a golden visa. Just think closely and choose what is up to you. And if you want to get the UK golden visa, contact us, and we will advise you on your options.