All the countries in Africa are fast growing, so the contribution to the macroeconomics of these countries has a huge potential. It is most profitable to invest in infrastructure, for example, in factories, because the people of Africa need jobs and goods.

More than 1,022 direct investment transactions worth $ 25 billion have been recorded since 2013 in Africa.

Funding was provided to the following industries:

Information technology (19%)

Consumer discretionary (15%)

Consumer staples (13%)

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This regional economic community is aimed at the harmonious development of production and marketing structures. Investments in industries that have recently started to develop in COMESA can bring the greatest profit.


Investments in agricultural, industrial, social, cultural and energy sectors are a priority for this region. CEN-SAD has the worst developed trading and industrial activities, so investing money in these industries you can make much more profit than investing in other ones. To ensure that investments are accompanied by the least risk, it is best to invest in Nigeria and Ivory Coast, because these countries have the most developed industrial and commercial sectors in the world.


According to statistics, the average figure is 26% for CEN-SAD, and the Nigeria figure is 62% for the industrial sector. Moreover, for trade integration, the average percentage is 38% for Nigeria is 51%. In Ivory Coast, the percentages are even higher: the trade indicator is 78%, and the Industrial indicator is 62%, so the risk of investment decreases, but the profit will also decrease with it.


Production integration is at the lowest level here. According to statistics, its level in South Sudan is only 7%. Many investors mistakenly believe that investment in the industry of South Sudan will be accompanied by great risks, but this is wrong, because there is a great demand for production goods in this country from citizens. It is worth noting that investments in Kenya are no less risky; in spite of the level of industrial integration is 82%.

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