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Rwanda is one of the Sub-Saharan African countries that provide great opportunities in a start-up domain. This attracts numerous investors and absorbs significant investment flows. You may have all the chances to benefit from this emerging market and get a significant return on your investment. EIG undertakes effective fund management and will help you to choose the project with reliable growth prospects.


Expat Investment Group exploits a VC fund management strategy based on risk balancing and diversified investments. Focusing on Online Gaming, RetailTech, and Fintech, we develop a strategy that is customized to our customers’ requirements and their risk tolerance.

Such a strategy benefits them with one of the following tokens:

  • High ROI with moderate risks

  • Low risks with a sufficient ROI level

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Dealing with Rwandan start-ups requires deep expertise in the market and a meticulous forethought to avoid its pitfalls. Reach our Rwandan venture market advisor and get expert assistance with your investment in the Sub-Saharan region.

Expat Service Background Picture.jpg