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Senegal is one of a few countries in Sub-Saharan Africa that have a mature startup ecosystem. Currently, its venture incubators and innovation programs attract investments from all over the world and have enormous potential to grow even further. For investors, this means largescale opportunities in generating a good return on their investments.

Still, as these ventures may stop their development on the embryonic stage, investors often need a market expert to succeed. With years of experience, EIG is the expert that will guide you through numerous pitfalls of the Senegalese venture market.


The strategy we developed and exploit on the venture market of Senegal is based on the following principles:

  • Consider worldwide mainstream and adapt it to the local peculiarities

  • Deal only with start-ups of clear idea and strong technological back-up

  • Test the project with small investment amounts first

This strategy enables us to meet our customers’ needs in full and generate stable RIO for VC funds under our management. Contact us if you need consultancy or bespoken fund management in Fintech, Online Gaming, or RetailTech start-ups of Senegal.

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