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Focusing on Sub–Saharan Africa as a region of vast opportunities for venture capital, Expat Investment Group pays special attention to Tanzania. Its emerging market promises a high return on investment if choosing the right VC project. The shortlisting of start-ups requires deep expertise not only in the start-up intricacies. It requires deep expertise in the specifics of the Tanzanian VC market as a whole.

At Expat Investment Group, we have such expertise and can offer beneficial solutions and efficient management for VC funds.


Based on our meticulous study of the Tanzanian VC market and comprehensive experience in investment deals, we developed an effective investment management strategy:

  • Rigorous shortlisting

  • Diversified investment

  • Accurate risk balancing

  • Gradual increase in investments

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At the moment, we consider Fintech, Online Gaming, and RetailTech start-ups to be highly favourable for investment and strive to build our client’ investment portfolio mostly around them.

Get in touch with our expert of the Tanzanian VC market to discuss your investment strategy, its challenges, pitfalls, and the way to overcome them.

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