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Uganda faces an explosive growth of its venture capital market. The most prospective start-ups emerge in Online Gaming, RetailTech, and Fintech industries. This enables the investors to enjoy a high ROI on the condition of choosing the right project. Such a choice requires deep expertise to weed out start-ups of low potential and even fraud projects, which are also present on the market. This is the expertise we have got at EIG.


Based on our extensive experience, we have got great proficiency in the Ugandan VC market. Our clients appreciate us as a highly helpful tool in shortlisting and managing their projects.

Here are some criteria we use to shortlist start-up projects in first approximation:

  • Reliable technology

  • Follow-up rounds

  • Value of intellectual property

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In project management, we never go beyond reasonable risks but steadily ramp up investment when seeing the potential of the project. Contact us if you are considering undertaking a Ugandan investment project and looking for a company that can successfully manage it.

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