Expat Investment Group welcomes you and wishes an easy route to the UK settlement and prosperity.
Our companies, Expat Solutions & Consultancy, Expat Ventures, Expat Investments, and Expat Capital, have teamed to benefit overseas investors and entrepreneurs who move to the United Kingdom.
We offer our clients deep expertise in investment immigration, private equity, venture capital, and hedge fund management.

Experts in an investor visa in the UK, we assist in getting a Golden visa and British passport by investment. Great at various investment schemes, we help to secure funds and increase their value.

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We develop exclusive investment immigration products and routs to a UK investment visa for high-end entrepreneurs and business people.

Working closely with start-up founders and managing proprietary funds available for innovative ideas, we expand our focus sectors. Some of these sectors are SaaS, Big Data, and Mobile applications. Besides, our focus sectors include Financial Technologies, Construction Technologies, and Med Tech. We target companies in funding rounds from pre-seed to Angel stage.


Our predominant target is fast-growing technology start-ups. These start-ups develop countries located in Sub – Saharan region. Here, there are various options with funding stages starting from Angel to Series A.


Expat Capital works closely with Swiss Finma licensed and UK FCA licensed partners. We follow an agile approach in creating bespoke algorithm trading strategies. Besides, we are excellent in discretionary liquid assets management on financial markets. These assets include major indices, FX pairs, and commodities. We adhere to a risk-averse view on constructing every managed position.




Expat Ventures

Expat Investments include proprietary and managed investments in illiquid and distressed assets. Exploiting new opportunities, we successfully run proprietary investment activities either through our UK company or via our affiliated offshore structures. With us, you get more freedom for your financial flow.

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Here, you will get access to the most exclusive and hidden opportunities of immigration routes.

We offer complete and unbeatable solutions for those who want to obtain a Tier 1 UK Innovator visa with a further Permanent Residence in the UK and the possibility of Citizenship.

Did you ever think 50, 000 pounds can drive you close to British residency?

With various options available regarding a UK investor visa scheme, we offer you tailored services


We invest in UK-based start-ups using our proprietary available finance.

Our services provide start-ups with robust infrastructure. We help raise funds and bringing valuable Partners, Human Resources, and UHNW Investors.


Revealing the ways of structuring your financials in the UK, Switzerland, and EU countries with a variety of well-prepared solutions. With our fully-licensed wealth management and banking partners, we guide you through regulatory compliance.

Our solutions meet and go beyond your expectations.


We are UK - Worldwide based. Our main office located in London.

However, our team members are present in Moscow, Kyiv, Dubai, Shanghai, and Zurich.

Thus, we ensure our clients receive the most effective and efficient client care.

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